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The Lauziere's
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Thursday, July 30, 2009


So every day at some point during the day, some one in my house is crying/whining! The sound that comes out of my two daughters when they are sad-hurt-mad-frustrated-mad-hungry-mad-mad is enough to make my want to take sharp pencils and drive them into my ears. Ouch right?! All day long, Cayden took a toy from Taytum so she screams; Cayden wants to go outside in just her birthday suit, I say "NO" so she screams... it is a never ending circle of loud scream crying. It is especially horrible at night after bath time. Cayden wants Mama no Dada to get her out of the bath so she is just whine/crying the whole time, and Taytum who is already out of the tub is screaming because she wants to nurse and GO TO BED MAMA!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

(Taytum is crying right now because I just took Cayden's potty away from her, seriously???)

I am wondering when this will end, when will I have a day where no one cries???

Friday, July 17, 2009

What are the odds??

So it has finally come back, my "Aunt Flow" has returned after the birth of Miss Taytum this past October. And now the reality is, I can get pregnant again. That scares me, because at this point there is no way I am ready for another baby! John says we are done having babies, yet he is not ready for a vasectomy... And I still think I want one more, but not for like 2 years! I was going to have Mirena put in (the IUD), but I just could make up my mind, so in the end I thought that if I could not make up my mind, that I actually had made up my mind (does that make sense??). John and I are "careful" when it comes to protection, we use the "pull and pray" method!! lol We had a really hard time getting pregnant with our 1st daughter (medical intervention needed, IUI) so we assumed when we wanted another baby we would go back to the doctor and have another IUI performed.... We were not using ANY sort of protection when we got pregnant with our 2nd daughter, she was a wonderful surprise! Things don't always go as planned!!! So now I am going to hope and pray that the method we are using will be effective. (I keep telling John abstinence is our best shot at no more babies...LOL!!) Are we having anymore babies, we are undecided, but are definitely not ready at this point!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Missing Dada!

I NEVER thought I would miss John as much as I am missing him right now! He is in NH, at St. A's doing a USA Hockey camp until Wednesday. This is the first time I have had BOTH girls for more then a night by myself. OMG! Cayden is a terrible 2 going on horrible 3 year old, and Taytum loves to be in my arms pretty much 24/7. So I have no break, yes that's right NO BREAK! Well right now I have a break beacuse both of them are sleeping, but I should also be sleeping because tomorrow starts a new day of no Dada, which means no break for me! It's a vicious cycle! I honestly didn't think I realied on John as much as I do??? Who knew that 20 minutes while Taytum is napping, and Cayden is outside playing with her Dad were so important to me??? So needless to say at about 4pm on Wednesday I will be jumping for joy at the sight if my husband, for selfish reasons I admit, but who cares! Maybe I will make myself a strong drink, and just sit in my bedroom BY MYSELF!!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Rain and children

So today is the, oh I don't know 10th day in a row it has rained here in B-town Maine. I feel as though all this rain is going to make me go crazy. Cayden is 2 and a half so finding things for her to do is getting harder, and harder. I can only paint and draw so many times, and I hate putting her in front of the TV unless I absolutly need to get stuff done. (don't shake your finger at me, you know you do the same thing!) So off to the library we go, it opens at 3pm and I swear we were there at 2:59 lol. So we start to read, and find books to take home when all of a sudden I hear "I wanna go home". I am like you want to what, go home to the same 4 walls we have been staring at for the past 10 days???? She started up the stairs, so off we go to check out books, and head to the one place I really don't want to be. Meanwhile Taytum, who is 9 months, just goes with the flow, she is such a good baby, I really have no complaints about! I am home now, with John, Cayden, Taytum, and the neighborhood boy who comes over everyday to play with Cayden. I can't complain, he keeps her entertained, but the NOISE!!!!! OMG!!! And I swear that the more it rains the louder my house gets. The crying over the past 10 rainy days (yes 10 days) has been at it's worse. If I had a dollar for everytime she has cried, WOW I would be in Hawaii, not here in the rain writing this blog! So I am hoping, wishing, and praying for nice weather soon so we can go outside and run, scream, jump, yell, and do whatever it is that we want to do without needing raincoats, rainhats, rain botts, umbrellas etc...