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Thursday, July 30, 2009


So every day at some point during the day, some one in my house is crying/whining! The sound that comes out of my two daughters when they are sad-hurt-mad-frustrated-mad-hungry-mad-mad is enough to make my want to take sharp pencils and drive them into my ears. Ouch right?! All day long, Cayden took a toy from Taytum so she screams; Cayden wants to go outside in just her birthday suit, I say "NO" so she screams... it is a never ending circle of loud scream crying. It is especially horrible at night after bath time. Cayden wants Mama no Dada to get her out of the bath so she is just whine/crying the whole time, and Taytum who is already out of the tub is screaming because she wants to nurse and GO TO BED MAMA!!! AHHHHHHH!!!

(Taytum is crying right now because I just took Cayden's potty away from her, seriously???)

I am wondering when this will end, when will I have a day where no one cries???

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Amy said...

As you probably know, I go CRAZY with just one screaming kid. I can't imagine two.

And I think you should just let Cayden go play outside in her birthday suit :)

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