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Monday, January 18, 2010

It's been awhile....Morning in Maine

It's been a long time since my last blog entry sorry, so here you go....

It's snowing in Maine, in January WOW! About a foot of snow on the ground already, and it's 11:20am... What are we going to do today, well play outside of course! When I lay Taytum down for her nap, Cayden and I will venture outside to "play" in the snow. T will nap for all of 30 minutes (if I'm lucky, I hate naptime, it's a joke) C and I will go outside and trudge around in the knee deep/waist deep snow for as long as she wants!

Playing with C in the snow = eating snow, trying to make a snowman, sliding down her slide from her swingset (which is soooooo fun, the heavier you are the faster you fly, if I only had the video camera on when John went down the last big snow storm... it was so funny) and then it's her crying and whining "I can't make my legs work Mama" "Come and pick me up"... Me laughing and leaving her laying there in the snow like a slug...and making secret snowballs to throw at her and her Dad when he comes out to tell me "Taytum's awake and wants you"!!

Don't get me wrong I love it!! It may sound like I don't, but I love it!!!

Oh and I have to pick up my house, because I am the ONLY one who does, but that is a blog entry for another day!

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Amber said...

Well, speaking of naps. Briggs deceided he was going to take a nap at 6:45 tonight. I TRIED to wake him up but no good.He woke up at 9:00PM. WIDE AWAKE!!!!!!!!! So now I will need a nap tomorrow.I am just enjoying all that motherhood has to offer!!!!

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