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The Lauziere's
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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Fall of 2010

Should be doing my job, but house crap can wait, right??

So I mailed out Cayden's preschool application today for next fall. Sad, yet needed. She is ready for school NOW, but nowhere would take her this past fall (she was only 2). I know we got into the afternoon class at Gorham Cooperative Preschool, and how do I know that we are in there even though we JUST sent out our application you ask...

Here is a "quick" story. John was supposed to mail out Cayden's application this past November... So at ballet class the other day I ask the registrar if I would hear from them soon about next year. It turns out they had not received Cayden application yet, yup!!! I then checked or bank records to see if the registration fee check had been cashed, NOPE!!! Long story short, Thank Goodness I know Theresa, she put her in the class even though they didn't have our $ or application.

John is lucky, because if she wouldn't have gotten in I would have killed him! Men, they are all the same. We are all very excited for Fall of 2010!!

Side note I love his hockey team! They are so funny, I laugh the whole time I am around them. Caitlyn & Steph (manager & assist. coach) want me to go to Rye, NY this weekend with the team. (and go out to some bars) Last time I went out to some bars I was in a bee costume, walking home from the old port, with my shoes in my hands, hammered (mind you we lived in So Po over the Casco Bay Bridge)!!!! Tempting if I didn't have kids, 8 hours on a bus with 2 little ones............We'll see...maybe.............

God help us all!

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