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The Lauziere's
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Monday, May 31, 2010


I did plyometrics yesterday and today I can't move...did I do the whole hour...NO only 20 minutes!  How can 20 minutes make me feel this way?  I really do love the video though, this was my 1st one, so wish me luck! I am taking a break today, and will do more tomorrow...

I have no choice really, since sitting down and going to the bathroom is nearly impossible I can't imagine trying to do jumping squats!!

I am motivated right now so I must take advantage of it! I wish I had more time and energy though!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 things

I have had NO time to blog, grrrrr! SO today on this super hot Wednesday I decided to say a few things:

1. My sister-in-law is pregnant with baby #1, yippeee!  She is like 8 weeks so it's still early, but we are so happy for her!

2. Life with a 3 1/2 year old who thinks she has the answers for everything can be enlightening to say the least. Cayden "Mom here is a date card for you, and some flowers" Me "what is a date card?" Cayden "It means Love"  Me "OMG, I love you so much Cayden" tear :(  It was a red piece of paper with scribbles on it (words) and some white weed flowers from the lawn!  I will be saving them, lol!

3.  Taytum does this sweet look with her eyes that makes EVERYONE laugh, especially out John she's going to use this on you when she's 16... to be continued!

4. My floors need to be washed sooooo bad! I mean BAD!  I refuse to do it at this point because everyday that dog and the kids track water, dirt, mud, you name it and it's on my floor.  So by fall they should look REALLY bad!   No I will do it, at some point!

5. Recital is right around the corner, 10 days away...If you follow my blog I don't really need to elaborate!

6. I am reading The Pledge, it's old and was made into a movie in the 90's, but it is really good! (The Skulls I think was the movie)

7. Summer is on it's way and I am super excited. The girls and I are outside all the time, it's wonderful!

8. I want to wean Taytum so bad, but she refuses! Any comments/suggestions welcome...continued with #9

9. I want to wean Taytum to drop this extra baby weight I've been carrying around since I was pregnant/nursing Cayden! Yes people I have been pregnant or nursing since January of 2006...

10.  I love my husband, no matter what I say about him behind his back or to his face, I do love him.

So my 10 things I wanted to mention for the month of May! I could and may elaborate on them more or in the future,  who knows!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I miss...

Do you remember REAL sleep?

I'm talking about coming home from high school, crawling into bed and sleeping until past dinner?  Everyday!! And in college when you would just spend the day in bed because you didn't feel like going to class, or were way too hung over to move??

I miss sleep! Plain and simple. I miss having my own bed!  Yes, I know both of our kids sleep with us(huge mistake)but even having John in there is a pain too.  SNORING! Omg, sometimes I make him go into Cayden's bed because he is sooooo loud! (It's not like she's in there)  I miss just sprawling out and sleeping a whole 8 hours without waking up! 

It has been since about May 2006 since I have slept a full night(4months pregnant w/Caycay)!  I must tell you that for some odd reason I am now a light sleeper.   I now wake up for every and anything! I hate it, and as soon as I am done nursing Taytum(i'm not going there........) I am asking the Dr for sleeping pills, IF my sleeping patterns don't change!

The only bonus it when the girls are in high school and try to sneak out of the house I WILL hear them!

awe the beauty of motherhood!!!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Slow and steady

Why do we as people who live in neighborhoods have to have perfect grass, flowers blooming, shrubs and plants planted any and everywhere???

Well let me tell you, the Lauziere's are last to do everything on Captain's Way!  We still haven't vinyl sided our garage yet, and it's been 2 years, hahahaha!  BUT we just got the siding and John is doing it SOON!!

Our grass looks,ok?  From far away it looks good, but when you get up close it's got more bald spots then my dear husband! (love you John) So every year we throw some fertilizer down, and for some odd reason it ends up looking really good, but it's a total trick!

We finally just dug up our front to plant some shrubs, and flowers! We have been here for almost 3 years and we STILL didn't plant anything out in front of our house, whatever!  Listen we have to build a brick wall because if we don't our plants will end up on our driveway when it rains, so that's our excuse!  BUT I'm working on it! Leave me alone!

At least our driveway is paved!

All I can say is I wish we had enough money,(It's going to be like $150 for a stupid rock wall, that's w/o plants) or family/friends to give us plants like our lovely neighbors. I would spend hours out there planting! Their houses really do look great, and within the next 2-3 years ours will be there too. Slow and steady wins the race right???

And BTW why the hell are plants SOOOOOOOOO expensive???

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Picture Day

Ok so this Saturday was supposed to be one of those days that is fun and exciting full of joy, well let's just say it didn't turn out as I expected.  Maybe that's my problem having expectations?  Who knows?

"Picture Day"

Saturday morning:  I get up with Comet at 5ish, have my coffee, clean a little...
6:30 I take a shower by myself while the girls and John slumber! (Whatev)
7:30 I am off to Walmart, and then to Target (by myself) to get Mega Hold  hairspray for Cayden's "perfect ballerina bun", lipstick/gloss, and a new tea set for her AFTER she takes her pictures for dance class!
9ish I'm back and we all play outside enjoying this beautiful sunny day!
12:15pm  I start doing "the perfect ballerina bun" on my dear first born, and she is letting me pull, tug, brush, pin with little complaints! Yippeeee!  And by 12:40 the perfect ballerina bun is born!
12:45 Cayden and I are off the the Dance Studio of Maine for 1:30 pictures!

(Now I have to tell you, I got Cayden a present for after she got her pictures done because bribery works with children most of the time. If that makes me a bad parent, then sign me up for an award, because I use bribery almost everyday.  I feel that I would yell, scream, and spank, a lot more if I didn't use bribery? Comments welcome)

1:00 We get there, and it is chaos!  Good chaos though!  Cayden was so excited to put on her costume like all the other little, and big girls around her!  We got it on, choker tied, hair piece in and she was totally fine! I forgot my camera (of course) but I thought "who cares, I am spending like $25.00 on pictures of her in a few minutes right?!"  Other mom's are taking pictures of all the girls, and taking some for me (bless them!).
1:30 Betsy comes in to get the girls and take them to the other room to get their pictures done.  They chu-chu in and Emma, one of Cayden's little friends is feeling sad, so Cayden grabs her hand and helps her! Awe so sweet!
1:35 Cayden comes back in the room to get me crying, "I don't want to get my picture taken"!

I take her back in and try to get her to do her individual picture, no luck.  I tell her her special present is in the truck, and you can have it when you are done. "I don't want it anymore, I want to go home!"  Cayden says.  I tell her if we go home w/o you getting your pictures done, you are going to bed, hoping that would work???  So Betsy asks me to leave, which I didn't want to be in there anyway, so they can get the group picture done, and we can try to get her individual picture done at the end!

1:45 They all chu-chu out and Cayden did not do any picture at all!!!

So I am fuming MAD!  I take her costume off and we leave.  I didn't say one word to her because I felt like I was going to YELL really bad things in front of all the people!

We get to the truck and I tell her she is not getting the tea set that I got her, Taytum is! (I know, but I was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mad!)  You know what she says when I showed it to her, "I'll go back and do it now mom"!!!  Are you kidding me????

So the way home there was some crying and yelling!  She was crying, and I was doing both!  She went to bed when she got home, and was "punished" to stay in our yard all weekend, and she couldn't play with anyone else in the neighborhood!

I was so upset.  I cried for a long time, uncontrollable sobbing!  It was been a LONG time since I have cried at all, and an even LONGER time since I sobbed like that!  I was so embarrassed!  All of the other little girls listened, and did as they were told.  Why did she not just do it?

I feel like she thinks that if she doesn't want to do something, she doesn't have to.  In certain situations that is a great trait to have, but when it's your parent telling you to do something, and for doing it you get a reward, HELLO, DO IT!  She has such a stubborn personality, and it frustrates me too much I think!

I am still very upset about this photo thing,(can you tell) not only because I won't have the "professional picture" to put in her baby book and look at with pride, and happiness, but also because I can see and feel how much control she has over me.  It's silly to some people I'm sure, but to me it meant so much!

It meant her listening to me, and to other adults, and then seeing the end result...a picture of her and her friends from her first ballet class!

So pray for recital to go better then picture day!

Thank you Denise for sending me this picture(you are so sweet), not a professional, but it's the only thing I have to put in her baby book!

(I'm in trouble from here on out with Cayden I think, and Taytum who knows at this point?!)