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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

10 things

I have had NO time to blog, grrrrr! SO today on this super hot Wednesday I decided to say a few things:

1. My sister-in-law is pregnant with baby #1, yippeee!  She is like 8 weeks so it's still early, but we are so happy for her!

2. Life with a 3 1/2 year old who thinks she has the answers for everything can be enlightening to say the least. Cayden "Mom here is a date card for you, and some flowers" Me "what is a date card?" Cayden "It means Love"  Me "OMG, I love you so much Cayden" tear :(  It was a red piece of paper with scribbles on it (words) and some white weed flowers from the lawn!  I will be saving them, lol!

3.  Taytum does this sweet look with her eyes that makes EVERYONE laugh, especially out John she's going to use this on you when she's 16... to be continued!

4. My floors need to be washed sooooo bad! I mean BAD!  I refuse to do it at this point because everyday that dog and the kids track water, dirt, mud, you name it and it's on my floor.  So by fall they should look REALLY bad!   No I will do it, at some point!

5. Recital is right around the corner, 10 days away...If you follow my blog I don't really need to elaborate!

6. I am reading The Pledge, it's old and was made into a movie in the 90's, but it is really good! (The Skulls I think was the movie)

7. Summer is on it's way and I am super excited. The girls and I are outside all the time, it's wonderful!

8. I want to wean Taytum so bad, but she refuses! Any comments/suggestions welcome...continued with #9

9. I want to wean Taytum to drop this extra baby weight I've been carrying around since I was pregnant/nursing Cayden! Yes people I have been pregnant or nursing since January of 2006...

10.  I love my husband, no matter what I say about him behind his back or to his face, I do love him.

So my 10 things I wanted to mention for the month of May! I could and may elaborate on them more or in the future,  who knows!

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Amy said...

How often is Taytum nursing? I know with G it was a gradual dropping of nursings. With before bed to be the last to go...With her morning nursing I would just try hard to distract her from the thought of it...over time her routine changed and she quit. Guess that doesn't really help. So here are two brilliant ideas: 1. Eat lots of strong flavored foods continually to turn her off from the taste hahaha 2. Go away for a couple of days and leave her home with John =)

oh and sooooooo sweet of Cayden!

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