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Thursday, May 13, 2010

I miss...

Do you remember REAL sleep?

I'm talking about coming home from high school, crawling into bed and sleeping until past dinner?  Everyday!! And in college when you would just spend the day in bed because you didn't feel like going to class, or were way too hung over to move??

I miss sleep! Plain and simple. I miss having my own bed!  Yes, I know both of our kids sleep with us(huge mistake)but even having John in there is a pain too.  SNORING! Omg, sometimes I make him go into Cayden's bed because he is sooooo loud! (It's not like she's in there)  I miss just sprawling out and sleeping a whole 8 hours without waking up! 

It has been since about May 2006 since I have slept a full night(4months pregnant w/Caycay)!  I must tell you that for some odd reason I am now a light sleeper.   I now wake up for every and anything! I hate it, and as soon as I am done nursing Taytum(i'm not going there........) I am asking the Dr for sleeping pills, IF my sleeping patterns don't change!

The only bonus it when the girls are in high school and try to sneak out of the house I WILL hear them!

awe the beauty of motherhood!!!

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