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The Lauziere's
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


We dug a fire pit out in the backyard this weekend, and it is so fun! Cayden wanted one sooo bad, so John did one for her, spoiled brat!  I must admit that sitting by the fire is quite relaxing, even though Taytum had like 103 temp while I was sitting there, I still felt RELAXED!

I can't wait for many more fires this spring/summer/fall!  Marshmallows, smores, hotdogs...memories that will last a lifetime for all of us!

And probably a few drinks to go along with the smores...

Monday, April 26, 2010


Taytum has another ear infection. Last Sunday we took her into the Dr.'s office because she had conjunctivitis, and all week she had gross eyes, and the start of a cold.  On Friday I knew something was up, the constant whining (more then usual) was horrible.  But I waited, and I shouldn't have because on Saturday I called got her in and sure enough...ear infection!

BUT...  This infection has been BAD! She had a fever on Sunday all day of anywhere from 102.3 up to 104. I HATE fevers, they scare me, but Dr.'s aren't that afraid??  I called the Dr's office on Sunday morning, talked to someone (a nurse I think) and she told me "Well as long as she is wetting diapers, she dshould be fine, like at least 8 a day"   UM I don't change Taytum 8x's a day I told her.  Do you know how many Pampers we would have to buy??? Hello!! 

So all day I changed her every time she peed, and she was fine, but spiking fevers!  Scare me!

Today (monday) has been great, better, okay!  She is still getting fevers, milder but still fevers!  She is just not herself, not my little "Taymum"!

I can't wait until she is back to normal, only fussing most of the day not all day! (sigh)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Thank goodness my kids LOVE to be outside!  Cayden plays with the neighborhood boys, with Tay & Comet, or by herself!  It's cute watching her talk to herself! 

I am so not getting the kids a Wii, or anything like that for a long time!  I want them to enjoy nature, because it will be apart of them forever.  We played outside from sun up to sundown when we were kids, and it will be that way for my kids as well!!  I think that's why I love to be outside, anywhere!  Especially the beach! We all went to Pine Point last night to run around, and it was beautiful! The girls (and Comet) LOVED it!! Cayden and Comet went swimming!

My girls will love all things about this planet, and John and I will teach them to appreciate all that it has to offer, and to give back by reducing, reusing, and recycling!!

Happy Earth Day to all!  Go recycle or something!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And they were wearing thongs

Ok so my sister and I took Cayden, Taytum, and her son Briggs to the circus today, WOW pretty much covers it!

And by WOW I don't mean "OMG that was the best show I have ever seen", I mean "Amber, I think that girl is wearing a thong???"

Yes the trapeze artists' were wearing thongish type outfits, along with the girls who hang by their necks, and the girls who swing in hoops?  And one woman had on thigh-high boots, black with belts all over them, can you say dominatrix...  Did we go to the wrong show? 

And the acts???? STINK!!  

The kids were happy to leave at intermission if that tells you how wonderful the show was!

I totally remember the circus to be sooooooooooooo fun, WTH happened?  Or was I just a kid, and thought it was AWESOME?  I will have to call my Mom, and ask if it really was super cool, or I just thought it was!

AND we spent atleast $20 apiece on crap............................(and the word apiece looks sooo weird to me right now, am I wrong??)

Monday, April 19, 2010

2nd born

Taytum is such a needy toddler.  Yes I know when she is 10, 12,17,21 etc I will miss this, but right now I hate it!  She wants me to pick her up 24/7, and carry her around, seriously? I look forward to time away from her... And when I do leave her she is wonderful for whoever has her (for the most part) but as soon as I walk in the door, annnnnaaaawwwwwwwwwwwhhhhh MAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


She can be so independent sometimes, but when she wants me to hold her she will scream and cry until I pick her up.  She is my baby, and I am about 90% sure she is my last so should I embrace this neediness, or not?

And I don't think I am ever going to get her to stop nursing. She freaks out about that too!  So let's hope they let me come to kindergarten with her.... I am so kidding!!  Weaning will take place on her 2nd birthday, if not before! Let's hope it's not traumatizing for me! (and T too!)

Gosh I love her so much!  And Cayden too of course!

Comet update:
Cayden and I took him to the vet today, and he is a healthy puppy!  He is a little over weight though, but aren't we all!  He is super cute, and such a great addition to our family. We are all so happy!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

You know Dasher and Dancer, Prancer and Vixen.......

I need to blog...................................

It's been so long since I have had 5 minutes to ramble on to everyone!

So Comet is here, yes we got a puppy!  He is a pure bred Golden Retriever, and we heart him so much already, especially Cayden! (we wanted to adopt, BUT we also wanted a golden...but we are still giving a puppy a great home, right)    He is welcome addition to the Lauziere family!
Alas it is like having a "baby" though.  I or John have to get up in the middle of the night to let him out, and he pees on puppy pads at night (kind of like diapers you lay on the ground).  But let's hope it's only for a little while!

Sorry I had to go break up a play fight between Comet and Cayden!  The fun never ends in this house!

All the neighbors are in love with Comet as well, it's so cute!  He went to the office with John yesterday, and all the hockey girls thought he was the cutiest thing!  Thanks for watching him girls!

Cheers to the new adventure that all of us (yes, YOU too... the next time you see us out and about, or come over for a visit) are about to embark on!

(and I say cheers because this past Saturday John, the girls and I went to our friend's house for a little kids/adults party...needless to say I drank a whole bottle of champagne by myself!  It was wonderful, except for the headache ALL day Sunday, ah to by 21 again!!!)