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The Lauziere's
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day!

Thank goodness my kids LOVE to be outside!  Cayden plays with the neighborhood boys, with Tay & Comet, or by herself!  It's cute watching her talk to herself! 

I am so not getting the kids a Wii, or anything like that for a long time!  I want them to enjoy nature, because it will be apart of them forever.  We played outside from sun up to sundown when we were kids, and it will be that way for my kids as well!!  I think that's why I love to be outside, anywhere!  Especially the beach! We all went to Pine Point last night to run around, and it was beautiful! The girls (and Comet) LOVED it!! Cayden and Comet went swimming!

My girls will love all things about this planet, and John and I will teach them to appreciate all that it has to offer, and to give back by reducing, reusing, and recycling!!

Happy Earth Day to all!  Go recycle or something!!!!

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