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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

And they were wearing thongs

Ok so my sister and I took Cayden, Taytum, and her son Briggs to the circus today, WOW pretty much covers it!

And by WOW I don't mean "OMG that was the best show I have ever seen", I mean "Amber, I think that girl is wearing a thong???"

Yes the trapeze artists' were wearing thongish type outfits, along with the girls who hang by their necks, and the girls who swing in hoops?  And one woman had on thigh-high boots, black with belts all over them, can you say dominatrix...  Did we go to the wrong show? 

And the acts???? STINK!!  

The kids were happy to leave at intermission if that tells you how wonderful the show was!

I totally remember the circus to be sooooooooooooo fun, WTH happened?  Or was I just a kid, and thought it was AWESOME?  I will have to call my Mom, and ask if it really was super cool, or I just thought it was!

AND we spent atleast $20 apiece on crap............................(and the word apiece looks sooo weird to me right now, am I wrong??)


Jenn said... crack me up. Thanks for the warning to skip the circus! :)

Creations by Sheryl said...

Thats to bad!

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