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Monday, May 31, 2010


I did plyometrics yesterday and today I can't move...did I do the whole hour...NO only 20 minutes!  How can 20 minutes make me feel this way?  I really do love the video though, this was my 1st one, so wish me luck! I am taking a break today, and will do more tomorrow...

I have no choice really, since sitting down and going to the bathroom is nearly impossible I can't imagine trying to do jumping squats!!

I am motivated right now so I must take advantage of it! I wish I had more time and energy though!


Amy said...

wahooooooo...I LOVE plyo--though man it is HARD isn't it? Russ lost close to 40lbs doing P90x! I wasn't so lucky but it did AMAZING things for my cardio shape! Have fun! Bring it! hahahha oh and working out gets much easier when you are done nursing!

girlyhurley said...

Good for you! I did most of the yoga the other day and was SOOOO sore the other day!! I couldn't believe it! The goal is to get through the entire hour and a half of yoga by the end of summer!! Good luck to you!!!


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