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The Lauziere's
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Monday, January 25, 2010

my enemy

I despise dishes. They are my enemy. And the worst part about hating dishes is, I ALWAYS have a sink almost full-FULL of dishes.

Why you ask? Because I hate emptying the dishwasher, and reloading it! I will clean, do laundry, and whatever else needs to be done, but the dishes, ergh! And I suppose it doesn't help that I have a one year old that thinks she "needs" to help me when I open the dishwasher door. It's like a cat that hears an electric can second I am by myself and the next, tah dah there she is smiling like I am giving her a big piece of yummy chocolate souffle cake from Fore Street. (sorry I was daydreaming about going out for appetizers with friends, before children)

So I am off to do dishes, maybe, or better yet I should check my FB just in case there are any important messages for me to respond to...

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