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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lack there of

For all of you who don't know, I am a LIGHT sleeper! I wake up at every little sound, scratch, peep...ANYTHING! So I "wake up" at least 3-who knows times a night, ahhhhh, I know!

Last night was a night like the rest with a few exceptions. Taytum woke up twice for her nightly milkshakes (that's normal for us, stop judging me and the fact that my 15 1/2 month baby still does not sleep through the night, it is between me and her...and I know I'm crazy) Cayden woke up at 2:30am and wanted a cookie, what?? And then stayed awake until after 3 am, moving all around the bed! So I finally fell asleep around 3:30ish, and woke up at 4:19 am because I had a horrible dream about my sister, jeesh I think I was hyperventilating in my sleep. Back to sleep, up at 6ish, Tula scratching at our door, silly kitty who I wanted to throw outside in the snow, but didn't! Another weird/bad dream about me breaking John's Blackberry and ATT not giving me a free one to replace it....... Taytum up at 7:30 for the day!

Yes we are all in the same bed. I'm sure that doesn't help with the whole light sleeper thing, but oh well! Yes we are stupid for never putting our girls in cribs (EVER). Yes we will probably ALL be sleeping together until they are teenagers. BUT John and I both love it...most nights!!!

AND for all of you who don't know, John snores so loud that most nights I send him to Cayden's bed so I can get some sleep! And I can still hear him sometimes. I sent him to the doctor to see if they would/could do something for us. They told him to lose weight, and then come back and see us...that was over 4 years ago, thanks John!!! So that ALSO doesn't help with my sleeping problem! What to do??????

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