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The Lauziere's
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Missing Dada!

I NEVER thought I would miss John as much as I am missing him right now! He is in NH, at St. A's doing a USA Hockey camp until Wednesday. This is the first time I have had BOTH girls for more then a night by myself. OMG! Cayden is a terrible 2 going on horrible 3 year old, and Taytum loves to be in my arms pretty much 24/7. So I have no break, yes that's right NO BREAK! Well right now I have a break beacuse both of them are sleeping, but I should also be sleeping because tomorrow starts a new day of no Dada, which means no break for me! It's a vicious cycle! I honestly didn't think I realied on John as much as I do??? Who knew that 20 minutes while Taytum is napping, and Cayden is outside playing with her Dad were so important to me??? So needless to say at about 4pm on Wednesday I will be jumping for joy at the sight if my husband, for selfish reasons I admit, but who cares! Maybe I will make myself a strong drink, and just sit in my bedroom BY MYSELF!!!

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