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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Dr. Shawna

I have been up for 2 days now! Taytum is so sick with a runny nose, eyes, mouth, you name it...and a double ear infection too! So "sleeping" while sitting up in bed, or on the couch really isn't sleeping. I am so tired, I can't even sleep. I tried to nap today when Taytum did, nothing! And she slept for maybe 20 minutes...

Sick babies are so hard. You feel so bad for them because they have NO idea why they can't breath, why their ears hurt, and why you as their Mom, their whole world, would wan to put them down! :(

.......I think today she is feeling better.........tonight will be the true test.

And I am snapping on John and both girls about everything, even though I don't really mean it. At least not on the girls!!

{So I took Taytum to Mercy Gorham Urgent Care,(gut feeling something was wrong with my baby girl) and the Dr. was a whack-job. She was so weird, and asked me this, "So the left ear is border-line, and the right I can't see anything because there is too much wax, sooooooooooooo do you want us to treat her with antibiotics??" UM YES?? says Dr Shawna???? lol
But it was great having the ER like 3 minutes up the road!}

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