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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Listen to your gut

Yesterday Cayden had her weekly dance class. It is a ballet class for 3 year olds with the most wonderful teacher ever.  She loves Mrs. Betsy, all of her friends, and dance too...

Let's bring it back to yesterday morning,  she woke up with a little cough, and congested, but no fever.  She laid on the couch for most of the day, she looked really tired??  So when it came time to get ready for ballet I asked her if she wanted to go, and she said "YES!"  And all day I kept asking her, "Are you sick, does your throat hurt, etc."  And she responded all day with "NO, I"M NOT SICK MAMA"

My gut feeling was she should stay home, but I let her go anyway!  (Sucker is tattooed on my forehead)

And did i mention it was watch week yesterday?  Parents get to watch every the first class of every other month.

Do I really have to tell you how it went?????? HORRIBLE!!! 

John met us there, and Cayden was having a blast running around with her friends so I thought, OK this should be great, why was I worried about bringing her???
We get into the dance room, and she wouldn't get off John's lap.  So he decided it might be "him" so he left.  So I then I had Taytum running around, and Cayden pouting, and wanting to sit with me.  I told her if you don't dance we are going home and going to bed.  She said she wanted to go home, so I walked her out when all the little girls were having a water break, grabbed Taytum who was following us with Cayden's water bottle and we headed home!

John met us at the door, and help me get the girls to the Jeep.  Cayden was screaming at this point, "I want to dance now" she wouldn't let John buckle her in.  Both of us had to hold her down to buckle her in, while she was spitting and crying.  ( God I love these days)  John went back to the rink to "do a few things"  (whatever?)  and I went home with Taytum (angel baby), and Cayden (OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE I BIRTHED THIS THING WHO IS SPITTING AND YELLING MEAN THINGS IN THE BACKSEAT).

                                                *this was in December, not from yesterday*

She was telling me she hated me, I was a stinker, screaming, spitting, yelling, gosh you name it.  Since when does a 3 year old say "I hate you Mama"!! My heart was so sad, but I was so mad that she was throwing a fit like this my brain took over!

We got home 3 minutes after we got into the Jeep. Thank God we live close!  I took off her dancewear, and her tu-tu that was soaked with spit, and put her in comfy clothes.  Off to bed she went with her blankie, and sippy.  I shut the door, and she LOST it.... kicking her door, spitting, yelling, screaming!!  I let her scream for 5 minutes, went into her room, marched her to our bedroom turned on the TV, and within 5 minutes she was out!  She needed a nap really bad, obviously!
And what's worse, she woke up at 5:30pm like nothing had happened, "I love you Mama, I missed you"!

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!  This motherhood thing is soooooo hard.

So in conclusion Mom's, go with your gut feeling.  If you feel that feeling of maybe we shouldn't, listen to your inner self.  That instinct is there for a reason, learn from my mistake, listen to your gut, because from now on I will!!  So I say????!!!!

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