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The Lauziere's
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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Lauziere dance party yiippee!!

My girls LOVE to dance! I'm pretty sure they get it froooooommmmm ME!!??  Although back in the day their Dad could grind with the best of them.  (or the worst of them, you should have seen the girls he was with before me...wooof!)

( john busta movin' on Christmas morning, love the head lamp, and the polarbear pants, babe!)

Cayden does ballet and has her recital coming up in 3 months, and that should be interesting to say the least.  When I say they love to dance, I mean in the comfort of their own home, kind of like their Dad.  He hides behind things so the neighbors can't see him busta movin' when we have a family dance party, wimp!  So I will pray with all my might to see her on the stage with all of her friends having a blast, and not sitting in a seat with her Mom crying because she wants to up there with her friends, dancing!

Taytum, I am not worried about, in fact I might send her out on stage in Cayden's tu-tu and see what happens!  She is a riot, and doesn't stop dancing, whenever she hears music at home.  Even if she is sitting on the couch, her shoulders will start moving around!  My little ballerina to be!  I hope she has ballet class with her friends Greta, and Ady-Lou in like 2 years...!!  I'm sure Taytum will be the naughtiest little ballerina there, no worries Amy and Mandy!!

Off to finsh dance party USA with the girls...oh wait it's 7:30 it's bath time, yeess!!!


Amy said...

omg they will totally have to take ballet together. Though I am pretty sure Greta would win Naughtiest Ballerina-hands down.

Jenn said...

Awww...can't wait to see pics of the recital!

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