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The Lauziere's
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Friday, March 5, 2010

Yet more reasons 2 is enough!

8am   I called So Po Pediatrics to schedule a sick child appointment for Taytum.  The answering service is still on yet the message says M-F 8am-5pm... I'm already mad!

8:01   again
8:03   again
8:07   again
8:07   Finally I get to hit the #2 button to schedule a visit, what do they do but put me into a vm box, seriously?
8:11   I say put someone on the phone who can get my daughter in today...Hello this is blah blah, how is 1045??? 

8:13-10:00am  I listen to Taytum cry, so fun! 

10:35    We get to the office, and all is well with miss crabby pants??? 
10:40   Nurse Sharon takes us down, asks us some questions...  
10:43   Dr. Erin walks in ( I really do heart her)  and gets right down to business.  She cleans Taytum's ears because they are soooooo waxy they can't see her middle ear!!!   She pulls out gobs of gooey wax, and I am loving it!  Taytum is so good, she sits on my lap, head on my chest letting Erin do whatever she wants to her!
10:55   She has a double ear infection, and one was really bad...she sais there was puss???
11:15    Pick up prescription for cefdinir, and motrin!!! 

Not a "bad" afternoon....

3:00   We leave to take Cayden to the dentist.  We ALL go because I know Taytum will sleep in the car.
3:25   John drops Cayden and I off at the dentist, and goes driving so short and blonde will stay asleep!
3:30   Dr Scholl takes Cayden and I back to our little room, and on the way to the room cayden says  "I don't like her Mama"  OH GOD  is what I am thinking...
3:33   Cayden starts SCREAMING, SPITTING, and tells YELLS at the dentist, and I quote, "I hate you!"  The wonderful hygienist then says, "Where did she hear that word from?"    Bitch (opps)
3:40   I feel like the worst Mom in the world, my 3 year old tells people she HATES them?  I really have NO idea where she heard that from?  I will admit to things, but I have NEVER said "I hate _______!" 

Yeah so what she called a 6 year old bitch( totally out of contexts though) the other day. I asked her where she heard it, and she said "you called me that Mama."  I think back...I did say it to her, she was yelling at me and I said "stop being a little bitch"   I AM A BAD MOM!!!!!!!!!

7:13pm  Finishing the blog, doing baths, and going to bed!  I love my girls, but today I wish I were on a beach somewhere, in a bikini (because I am a size 0), sipping ice cold alcoholic beverages... BY MYYYYSELF!!!

and I picked fights with John all day today for the fun of it!! 

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