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The Lauziere's
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Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The girls and I really want a puppy, John is like "This is going to be your dog...."  So we are on the look out for the perfect Lauziere family puppy!  I really want to adopt, and I prefer a puppy only because of the kids, and the cats! We tried a 1 year old dog like 3 years didn't work out!  (Neely, I'm sure you found your forever home with a family who LOVES howling, screaming, pooping, and peeing all over their house!!!)

So we are taking our time, and looking for a golden retreiver, or a mix that looks mostly golden, PUPPY??!!  We want to train the dog, a fresh baby dog!!

And when I say "we" I totally mean me!  But you already knew that, right?

We will see?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


Jenn said...

I know someone who fosters rescued puppies. They are soooo cute! Let me know if you're interested.

Amy said...

hahaha you are crazy! But Greta would love to come and play with a puppy!

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